Monday, April 4, 2011

Halo: The Stats, The Game, and The Lovely

Completely disregard if you dont play or are not a fan of halo. So does anyone play halo reach or halo three or any of the ones that are included in the franchise?

My Rank in halo reach is Legend...What is your rank?

Do you like Reach or 3 more?

Wanna play with me sometime? My Gamertag is B3N D0V0R, or post yours and ill add you...if you convince me (:


  1. i use to play halo three but now im stuck on black ops i may play again once im done

  2. i could never get into halo, it wasn't for me

  3. The Reach campaign felt like a rehash of 3, but its multiplayer is nothing short of amazing

  4. I was playing first Halo, it was awesome.